Axxcelera is developing groundbreaking wireless technologies for Axxcss’ market-leading 5G point-to-point backhaul products, enabling unparalleled customer value with up to 4X higher spectral efficiencies and multi-gigabit data rates. Prior to its current 5G focus, Axccelera developed a complete portfolio of customizable 4G LTE wireless access infrastructure products.

5G Backhaul Technologies

Axxcelera’s innovative technology IP portfolio is part of the technology powering the BridgeWave NAVIGATOR family of multi-gigabit all-outdoor licensed microwave radio systems. Axxcelera’s technology and platform capabilities cover a diverse range: from enabling op to 4X spectral efficiency via line of sight MIMO capability, to powering ultra-low latency forward error correction (FEC), to robust network management and control software and beyond.   

Point-to-point Multi-gigabit Backhaul

Built on proprietary custom ASICs, NAVIGATOR systems offer performance and capabilities never-before-seen in licensed microwave to optimize networks for high capacity, and dramatically decrease capital and operating costs

NAVIGATOR is a licensed microwave system supporting the 6-42 GHz frequency bands, and offering performance and features far exceeding that of microwave radios manufactured using off-the-shelf chipsets. Built on the company’s proprietary custom ASICs, NAVIGATOR provides network operators with unprecedented flexibility to support multiple configurations and applications, optimize networks for the highest capacity and range, upgrade legacy networks, and speed up deployments, while minimizing both upfront investment costs and the ongoing costs to maintain and service networks.  Read more about NAVIGATOR here.

Axxcelera's past offerings: wireless access solutions

Prior to its current 5G focus, Axccelera developed end-to-end solutions for 4G LTE as well as WiMAX broadband deployments, offering a complete portfolio of customizable wireless access infrastructure products.

4G Access Technologies

AxxceLTE™ product family: from the LTE Base Station (eNodeB) and Evolved Packet Core (EPC) to the User Equipment (UE), AxxceLTE™ products provide extended coverage and increased capacity in a cost-efficient, modular architecture with superior performance. The system features multi-band support, customizability and all-outdoor, integrated eNodeB or split-mode Remote Radio Head (RRH) Base Band Units.

  • One product family for everything LTE: from eNodeB and EPC to UE
  • Extended coverage, increased capacity
  • All-outdoor, integrated eNodeB or split-mode RRH-BBU
  • Cost-efficient, modular architecture with superior performance
  • Customizable features with multi-band support

4G LTE Access

AxxceLTE™ eNodeB
The AxxceLTE™ eNodeB product family provides LTE wireless access over a wide range of frequency bands in a compact outdoor design. The family supports all-in-one and distributed architectures, and can be customized to provide optimal performance in the carrier, wireless ISP, industrial, public safety and private markets.
AxxceLTE™ Base Band Unit
The AxxceLTE™ Base Band Unit (BBU) provides all the processing necessary for sustaining multiple sectors of LTE service in a compact outdoor design. It can connect to multiple AxxceLTE™ RRH units over 6 Gbps CPRI fiber links using a daisy chain or star configuration. 
AxxceLTE™ Remote Radio Head
The AxxceLTE™ Remote Radio Head (RRH) provides high-performance compact outdoor design that is suitable for demanding telecom applications. The AxxceLTE™ RRH supports up to four RF channels that can be software configured to be either 4 x 5W or 2 x 5W. It seamlessly connects to the AxxceLTE™ BBU over 6 Gbps CPRI fiber links in a redundant, daisy chain or star configuration. 
AxxceLTE™ μEPC
The AxxceLTE™ μEPC is a cost optimized all-in-one alternative to traditional segmented EPC platforms. It integrates the MME, S-GW, P-GW and HSS functionality and supports standard LTE external interfaces. Using a non-proprietary x86 hardware platform, the AxxceLTE™ μEPC is a compact, scalable, affordable and nimble EPC solution.

WiMAX access (discontinued)

AB-MAX consists of fixed broadband wireless access equipment (Access Point and CPE) for Internet, data, multimedia, video, voice, and other IP based applications. Combining WiMAX with higher level network features, AB-MAX provides a robust, cost-effective alternative to wired alternatives such as T1/E1, DSL and cable modems.
ExcelMAX Access Point

The ExcelMAX Access Point is a Point to Multipoint (PMP) base station product for the 3.3-3.8 GHz spectrum. It supports 3 different duplex architectures – Full Duplex FDD, Half Duplex FDD, and TDD. The WiMAX (802.16-2004) compliant Non Line of Site (NLOS) platform supports a strong suite of QoS features enabling different Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to hundreds of users.

ExcelMAX Full Duplex FDD (FD-FDD) CPE 3210
Axxcelera’s ExcelMAX™ FD-FDD CPE3210 is a Point to Multipoint (PMP) CPE for the 3.3-3.8 GHz spectrum and supports a Full Duplex FDD architecture. The WiMAX-2004 compliant CPE allows service providers to offer broadband wireless services even in NLOS locations. The ExcelMAX™ CPE3210 supports a strong suite of QoS features.
ExcelMAX Half Duplex FDD (HD-FDD)/TDD CPE 3310
Axxcelera’s ExcelMAX™ H-FDD/TDD CPE is a Point to Multipoint (PMP) CPE for the 3.3-3.8 GHz spectrum and supports a Half Duplex FDD or a TDD architecture. This WiMAX-2004 compliant CPE supports a strong suite of QoS features, including CIR, PIR, BE, nrtPS, rtPS, and UGS.