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LTE Application for Private Networks

A brief summary and comparisons of LTE technology along with other important information to consider for private network applications.  

The future depends on connectivity - connecting the unconnected and delivering data from Point A to Point B faster and more efficiently. During the past two decades, we have seen one of the greatest technological evolutions beginning with dial-up, EDGE and then progressing to WiMAX and LTE. We are now at step four of this path.


All wireless networks are in one of three major categories: Public Safety, Commercial and Private. Each has its own challenges, limitations and complexities. Regardless of purpose, all facilitate voice, video and data communications between people, devices or a combination of both. 


Long Term Evolution (LTE) is one of the most advanced wireless systems and technologies currently available. It is, inherently, more complex to design, deploy and maintain. Based on some of the challenges of WiMAX, we need to consider if LTE is an acceptable platform for private networks. It requires a different skill set and knowledge than is currently being utilized by technicians and engineers familiar with WiFi and Legacy wireless networks. In addition, the spectrum availability must be considered at early stages of the project exploration. However, this will be the subject of discussion for another paper. 


While the operational staff of incumbent mobile operators have made the educational transition to LTE, fixed network operators and private network operators desiring to use LTE technology face a challenge in efficiently using LTE technology to build a successful access network. What would it take for an IT manager to manage an LTE network? At Axxcelera, we have taken a hard look at this question and have introduced a few interesting concepts and features. These include:

  1. Feature: AxxceLTE™ Represents a Complete Broadband Access Solution.
    This eliminates the need to integrate 3rd party devices to achieve a carrier-grade access network. As a result, there is a dramatic reduction in system cost, complexity, learning cycle and operating expense.
  2. Feature: Compact Footprint.
    Benefit: AxxceLTE is available as a compact all-outdoor eNodeB and 1U rack mount EPC, resulting in minimal vertical real estate, smaller rack mountable space and lower power consumption.
  3. Feature: EPC Hosted on COTS Platform.
    Benefit: This platform is commonly used in server applications with widely available, off-the-shelf components.

4.     Feature: AxxceLTE Employs an IP-based Aggregation Network. 
Benefit: AxxceLTE is based on traditional IPv4/IPv6 network protocol and architecture which is familiar to IT professionals.

5.     Feature: Billing Functionality is Supported via the Ubiquitous RADIUS Protocol.
Benefit: This reduces the need for a specialized and purpose-built billing/ERP system. Authentication, authorization and accounting functions can be integrated with the most open source and off-the-shelf systems via RADIUS server.

  1. Feature: Intuitive Management Tools for eNB and EPC Using SNMP for Remote Management Access.
    Benefit: This reduces the learning curve to adapt to AxxceLTE and offers individual customization via SNMP. This ensures that the system can be adjusted to specific needs of every Axxcelera customer.
  2. Feature: Scalability.
    Benefit: Capital investment scales with system coverage and capacity. AxxceLTE offers affordable, initial deployment options with a high degree of scalability, and organically supports a pay-as-you-grow model.

The features and benefits of the AxxceLTE application for private networks is clear and possible. Since 2001, we, at Axxcelera, have strived to deliver unparalleled value and support to our customers and AxxceLTE is another example of our philosophy and commitment


NOTE:  AxxceLTE is a registered trademark of Axxcelera Broadband Wireless. All rights reserved.

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