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Hutton Communications to Include Axxcelera's AB-Access™ and AB-Full Access™ Units in its Wireless Solutions

Hutton to offer full-service sales of AB-Access™ and AB-Full Access™ units throughout United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and South America Dallas, Texas, and Santa Barbara, California, October 1, 2004 - Hutton Communications and Axxcelera Broadband Wireless announced today that Hutton would include Axxcelera's AB-Access™ 5 GHz point-to-multipoint products and AB-Full Access™ point-to-point products in the range of solutions it designs, supports, and offers its customers. Hutton is a full-service, value-added distributor of commercial wireless communications and related equipment serving cellular and radio communications dealers, wireless communications carriers, and self-maintained end users. Axxcelera, a Moseley Wireless Solutions Group Company, is a global leader in providing broadband wireless communications products and technologies. Hutton's Business Development Manager, Jon Reedy said, "We are excited to add the AB-Access and AB-Full Access components to the solutions we offer our customers. At Hutton, we pride ourselves on identifying technologies that work well together: Axxcelera products have the low-cost agility our customers need to support numerous topologies such as Ethernet routing and bridging as well as ATM switching; frequency deployments from the entire U-NII and 5 GHz ISM spectrum; and point-to-point backhaul solutions with various modulations and antenna polarization. With the AB-Access and AB-Full Access units' proven record of durability and low service cost in the field, we see these products as potential workhorse components in the network solutions of many of our customers." "Hutton complements Axxcelera's existing distribution network," said Jerry Kollmann, Axxcelera's senior vice president of Worldwide Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support, "They meet the need of customers who want professional logistics management of their wireless solutions, including connections to other manufacturers' equipment. We are pleased in their recognition of our technology's value and their investment in training their large support and sales force in the benefits that AB-Access and AB-Full Access can provide their customers." About Hutton Communications, Inc. Hutton Communications, Inc., headquartered in Dallas Texas, is North America's premier value-added distributor of commercial wireless communications and related equipment. In addition, Hutton provides power systems solutions for emergency backup, alternative energy sources, or out-of-grid power requirements. The Hutton philosophy is to be in your local area. It has warehouse operations in five strategic locations across the United States and Canada, along with field sales offices throughout North America. Hutton also serves Mexico, Central America, and Latin America. About Axxcelera Axxcelera Broadband Wireless develops technology for the deployment of broadband wireless communications. Its fixed broadband wireless platforms bridge the last mile, replacing the local loop for corporate branch office and small business subscribers. Utilizing innovative packet-on-demand technology, these systems provide the capability for voice, real-time video conferencing, Web surfing, and transmission of full streaming video and data files, simultaneously over a single connection. Headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, Axxcelera is wholly owned by Moseley Wireless Solutions Group Company, a leading designer, manufacturer, and marketer of electronic communications equipment for diversified global telecommunication and broadcast industries. For more information please contact: Hutton Communications, Inc. Mr. Jon Reedy 972-417-0500 Axxcelera Broadband Wireless Mr. Jerry Kollmann (480) 820-9270

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