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Axxcelera Announces Market’s First Ever 5 GHz Multi-band WiMAX System Certified for Global Deployments

SANTA BARBARA, CA--(Marketwire – April 1, 2009) - Axxcelera Broadband Wireless, Inc., a Moseley Wireless Solutions Group Company and premier provider of broadband wireless communications products and technologies, announces the receipt of FCC and CE certification for the market’s first ever 5 GHz, multi-band WiMAX Access Point and Customer Premise Equipment (CPE).

Axxcelera’s AB-MAX AP and AB-MAX 5100 CPE are the first such WiMAX-based products to receive FCC and CE approval for the 5GHz ISM band (5725-5850 MHz) and for the world-U-NII band (5470-5725 MHz) in the same unit.

The Axxcelera 5100 WiMAX CPE also supports Client Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) as required by the CE specification; again, setting a first in WiMAX-based products.

Axxcelera’s APs come with integrated GPS synchronization as standard to the product thus providing a single point-to-multipoint platform possessing the flexibility and robustness to be deployed in urban and well as rural markets. “

Axxcelera has a history of supporting the full 5GHz U-NII and ISM bands. The introduction of the AB-MAX multi-band AP and CPE represents Axxcelera’s continuing commitment to its partners in this space to provide the most flexible and most easily deployed product possible,” says Jerry Kollmann, Senior VP of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support for Axxcelera. “Having one – and just one – CPE that covers all the available, deployable scenarios simplifies the logistics, inventory, and management for an operator while the multi-band AP allows for tremendous frequency agility in otherwise congested markets.”

Pedro Andres, President and CEO of Neptuno Networks agrees, “One CPE eliminates the risks of losing a customer because the truck has ten CPEs but not the one that is needed and of not knowing which CPE to install when there is a possibility of connecting to two different base stations that happen to be operating in different bands. A single CPE for the entire 5GHz not only simplifies our deployment and inventory logistics while reducing installation times, it also helps prevent us from losing customers who might otherwise leave before we even got started with them.”

The full AB-MAX product line consists of the AB-MAX Access Point and AB-MAX 5100 CPE. These units are currently available and shipping.

About Axxcelera Broadband Wireless

Axxcelera Broadband Wireless is a data networking company that develops technology for the deployment of broadband wireless communications. Axxcelera's fixed wireless broadband platforms bridge the last mile, replacing the local loop for residential, corporate branch office and small business subscribers. Headquartered in Santa Barbara, Calif., Axxcelera is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Moseley Wireless Solutions Group Company. The Moseley group, which includes Moseley Broadcast, Axxcelera and CarrierComm, offers wireless solutions from 9.6 kbps to 311 Mbps covering the 250 MHz to 38 GHz spectrum for both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications for the broadcast, broadband enterprise, and service provider marketplaces. Moseley's ETSI-, FCC-, Anatel-, IC-, UL-, and CE-approved radios are deployed in over 120 countries. For more information on Axxcelera, please visit

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