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Axxcelera Broadband Wireless is a wireless infrastructure company, developing technology to deploy networks for broadband wireless communications over the Internet-from the "first leap" to the last mile.

Our ExcelMAX™ and AB-MAX™ fixed wireless broadband platforms bridge the last mile, with a point-to-multipoint solution that replaces the local loop for large corporate clients, small businesses, and other organizations.

Our ExcelFlex™ system allows first leap high-capacity, point-to-point wireless transmission, across terrain impediments, for customers who want to bypass wired networks or have no wired options. Distances may be, for example, 15, 20, or 30 miles.

Our solutions are ideal for the following:
  • Government Entities
  • Corporate Sites, particularly with extended campuses
  • Enterprise Application Deployment
  • Healthcare Organizations requiring secure, HIPAA-compliant wireless
  • transmission of private data
  • Libraries, Schools, and Universities
  • Towns and Cities, rural or urban
  • Systems Integrators
  • CLECs
  • ISPs
Combining leading packet-on-demand technology and time division duplexing, Axxcelera's wireless networking solutions provide the capability for voice, real-time video conferencing, transmission of full streaming video, Web surfing, and transmission of data files - all simultaneously and over one connection.

Our History: In November 2001, Axxcelera, a Moseley company, purchased the fixed broadband wireless product line of Adaptive Broadband, a pioneering provider of fixed broadband wireless solutions. Since this time, Axxcelera has introduced the highly cost efficient AB-Full Access point-to-point product for applications involving high-throughput over long distances.

Additionally, Axxcelera has emerged as a leader in the development of WiMAX base stations and CPEs through the AB-MAX (5GHz) and ExcelMAX (3.5GHz) product families.

Our Future: Axxcelera will continue to develop products that support standard and proprietary technologies so as to provide the flexibility of a diversity of solutions to their deployment and service challenges in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications across the world.

Axxcelera has corporate offices in Santa Barbara, California. Product development offices reside in Richmond, Virginia. To fulfill our commitment to sales and support, Axxcelera has sales and support service members throughout the United States, as well as regional partners and distributors.

Moseley is Axxcelera's parent company.

CarrierComm, E-Band Communications, LLC, and Remec Broadband Wireless Networks, LLC are Axxcelera's sister companies.

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